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Why 404? - you may ask...


Most people don't want to look stupid asking whatta hell 404 means so, we will explain to you on an easy-to-understand way:


The 404 is a code sent by the server to notify your browser that, the URL (or link) you've request does not exists. If it does, the server responds with a code 200...but, nobody call pages "200" as they call it "404".


There you go, now you know why :)




Yeah, good question!


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Ether way you decide to proceed, may God bless you!


A little of history about autochoice24.com


Once upon a time, a group of developers get together to build internet solutions to achieve awesomeness. Within those developers, a guy named Adam were dubbed Lead Programmer. Adam was tasked to make a front-end capable of handling any request....



Obviously he failed.


We pride ourselves on providing you with what you need, when you need it so, we are terribly sorry.


To make it up to you, we are going to fire Adam.


Fire Adam Don't fire Adam